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Commission Europe

Seamus Murphy, Ireland

Member countries:
All 27+3 are invited and included but on average around 17 countries representatives are active.

Starting year:
Main activities / purpose of commission:
It is important that as an international association CTIF seeks to work effectively on a global basis with all types of public and private institutions be they governments, agencies or commercial entities. In addition many of our member associations are located within the European Union, which sets legal and trading standards, as well as having itself considerable influence internationally on aspects that directly affect the wellbeing, health and safety of whole communities and the individual firefighters and fire and rescue services that exist to protect people.
To facilitate exchange between the EU and CTIF we have established a CTIF Europe Commission that regularly considers cross border issues of mutual importance like humanitarian relief, improved international cooperation in emergencies, health and working standards for firefighters, firefighting and rescue operations, security and technological advancement. Monitoring, discussing and interacting with Brussels based members of the EU Commission and Research Executive Agency CTIF Europe contributes advice and offers opinions from the perspective of an emergency first responder with the objective of driving improvements in prevention, preparedness and response for all.

Strategic goals for the Commission
Continue to increase recognition and awareness of the role and contribution of the FRS towards the citizens of the European Community and share relevant information between EU FRS
Short-term work plan
1. Manage response and influence the Working Time Directive
2. Improve contact with DG ECHO and seek to influence
3. Build alliances with other like-minded organisations
4. Seek to participate in appropriate EU projects
Way of work:


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