A female firefighter fighting a fire

Women in Fire and Rescue Services

Chair Person:
Mira Leinonen, Finland

Vice Chair: Mona Hjortzberg, Sweden

Nicola Lown
Member countries:
Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Japan, Slovenia, Denmark, Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands

Chronology of joining member countries to the meetings:
2012 - St. Petersburg (Russia ) - Austria, Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Serbia
2012 - Bratislava (Slovakia) – Romania, Finland, Japan
2013 - Belgrade (Serbia) – Slovenia, Hungary
2013- Mulhouse (Franc)- no new members
2014 - Helsinki (Finland) - Denmark
2014 - Tokyo (Japan) - Canada, USA
2015- Stockholm (Sweden) –Norway, Polen
2015- Warsaw (Polen)- Germany, Netherlands
2016- London (Great Britain)- no new members
2016- Kongsberg (Norway)- no new members

Starting year:
Main activities / purpose of commission:
Commission for Women in Fire and Rescue Services' Aims:

Encourage Fire and Rescue Services to be inclusive for everyone
Improve working conditions for all women within Fire and Rescue Services
Make Fire and Rescue Services more attractive for women to apply and become operational firefighters and continue to support them to remain in that profession
Learn from each other and collect best practices
Encourage more countries to become active members in the Women's Commission
CTIF “Women in fire services”- working group starting year: 2012
Main activities / purpose of commission:
develop and issue recommendations to improve the working conditions of women
development of job descriptions
develop a questionnaire to study the psychological climate and adaptation of women in the job
annual publication in CTIF World Fire Statistics of information on women's activity in the field, on fires caused by children and on child casualties
involved new members in Commission
Way of work:
Short history: The first Women's Committee of CTIF was formed in 1912. It was headed by Maria Ermolova (St. Petersburg , Russia ). The Great War interrupted this activity.

In 2012 the first meeting of " Women of the Fire and Rescue Service" took place in St. Petersburg( Russia )

Way of communication:
Meetings - two per year and by e-mail, tel.

Operational firefighters:
Mona Hjortzberg

Firefighter and other roles:
Rita Kirsebom


Products of commission:
- a survey
- recommendations


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