GIMAEX Highway Rescue Vehicles and Equipment

Fire truckA French company that specialises in making and distributing highway rescue vehicles and equipment.

Innovation for Efficient Firefighting: The standard at Gimaex is to deliver firefighting solutions that promote safety, efficiency, and reliability at a reasonable cost to our customer.

One Seven®, a Gimaex exclusive, is the most advanced compressed air foam system on the market today offering a highly efficient, consistent, and impressively reliable fire extinguishing medium for safe fire attack on all applications such as structural, liquid fuel, electrical, magnesium, and plastics.

Firefighting vehicles built at Gimaex allow for higher capacity, flexible equipment storage possibilities by manufacturing bodies with our patented aluminum profile construction.

The right equipment for the successful rescue.

All vehicles are accommodated to the required standard and furthermore they offer you individual possibilities which correspond to your special requirements. This is what we call engineering!

Customizing means for us the ideal combination of various components for the vehicle solution. Use our engineering and customizing for your economical and functional advantage.



Rescue and extinguishing and from large heights:

Aerial rescue trucks are mainly acting for the rescue of persons from emergencies as well as for the technical rescue and the fire fighting.

They possess an automatically driven aerial rescue set. Gimaex manufactures turntable ladder trucks as well as telescopic rescue platforms in various heights and equipment for you.

All Gimaex trucks will be built with most advanced technology from specialists with extensive know-how. We are willingly open for individual solutions. The technical challenge at the construction of aerial rescue trucks is in

  • the compact dimensions when operating at narrowest space
  • the lowest total weight
  • the fastest set-up times
  • the absolute safety for the fire fighters
  • the maximum dependability


Environmental Services: Competent protection for persons and environment. We specialise in the extensive field of nuclear, biological and chemical hazmat for being able to offer you fast and effective solutions for all operations!

Due to the combination of the right components (customizing) or individual solutions (engineering) we will reach the ideal result for your application!

Benefit from our longtime experience in the field of environmental protection. Our high market share proves us right!


Latest communication technology guarantees professional command and control

The right organisation of the operation is very important in the case of a catastrophe. This means the smooth communication between the Command and Control and the individual crews.

Often there are large and unclear operation sites like e.g. forest fires, flood, accidents with a long operation site (e.g. line sections). A smooth communication is necessary for such requirements.

Up to now there have been numerous control elements for the various communication systems in the Mobile Command Units. With the new Cult-Communication-Management-System all relevant functions will be easily, clearly and functional controlled by 1 system. Through this there is now time for the real operation as the paperwork will be reduced to a minimum.