The Executive Committee of CTIF as of 2016
31 Oct 2017

Executive Committee


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Tore Eriksson, President of CTIF since 2012.

Tore Eriksson has previously been engaged in the HazMat Commission as it's Chair Person.




Man in official military style firefighting uniformMichel Bour is the Secretary General of CTIF.





The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year to follow up CTIF actions, projects and the work of CTIF commissions and to prepare proposals to be submitted to the Delegates’ Assembly.

CTIF Delegates’ Assembly decides on the main policies, actions and projects to be carried out by CTIF, and is responsible for electing the members of the Executive Committee every four years (President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Presidents). The Assembly is organised once a year by one of the CTIF member nations, usually in September.

Once per year, all members are invited to participate in Delegates´Assembly. This is the large Democratic Body of CTIF. Every four years, key positions are nominated and the members vote for their chosen candidate. The President and his or her Board of Directors are often re-elected for up to two four-year terms.

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Current members of the Executive Committee:

Milan Dubravac, vice President

Marc Mamer, Treasurer

Vice president: Don Bliss

Vice president: Milan Dubravac

Vice president: Ole Hansen

Vice president: Zdenek Nytra

Vice president: Ante Sanader

Vice president: Hubert Vetter