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19 Oct 2017

Delegates Assembly 2018 to be held back-to-back with NFPA in June

In June, the first Delegates Assembly ever in the US,  will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 2018 therefor will be a historic year for CTIF as an organization.

- The timing and location for the Delegates Assembly is of course very carefully picked to occur back-to-back with NFPA's meeting earlier the same month, says Tore Eriksson, president of CTIF.

For CTIF as an international organization, the US location is an opportunity to be seen in a context where CTIF and its work is not so well known. The United States is officially a member of CTIF, however relatively few American members are involved in commissions or as active supporting member:

- This is chance to gain ground not only in the US, but hopefully in Canada as well, where unfortunately have no representation currently, continues Tore Eriksson.

It was a surprise to many members when the DA location was announced earlier this year. Since CTIF has a heavy membership in Europe, traveling to the Delegates Assembly in 2018 will naturally be more costly than a domestic flight within Europe.

With recent travel restrictions imposed on American borders, some members in Eastern Europe and also outside of Europe, may have to start planning very early their VISA-application process to ensure they can enter the United States at all during the conference.

- I am aware that the choice of an American location for Delegates Assembly 2018 creates some difficulty for some of our members. Some may even be restricted from going at all, which is very unfortunate. However, we are an international organization and it is only fair that Delegates Assembly sometimes is arranged outside of Europe. I also sincerely hope that those members who have difficulties traveling this time will see the overall benefits this will bring for CTIF, especially with our invitation from NFPA to arrange it in cooperation with their yearly national meeting, says Tore Eriksson, president of CTIF.

Stay tuned to CTIF News and CTIF Events for more information on this important upcoming Delegates Assembly!

By Bjorn Ulfsson, CTIF Communications Coordinator